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Next team in Florida to go D1?

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Florida State University is a club team currently playing in the the MCLA as well as the SELC, which they won the championship for in 2011. The Seminoles have had much success. They finished the regular 2013 season with a 9-7 record, then lost to the Richmond Spiders in the first round of this year’s SELC playoffs. The program was founded in 1999 and has always been coached by Bill Harkins who stepped down after this season. No new head coach has been announced. They have had very good seasons in years past and continue to get talent from the state of Florida.

Florida State SELC Champions

With all this success at the club level, why would FSU change anything? If the Seminoles were to add lacrosse as a varsity sport, they would be in the ACC. That would give them an automatic invite to the NCAA tournament with Syracuse and Notre Dame joining the ACC. With Florida State as an addition, it might give schools such as Boston College the motivation to launch their program beyond the club level. Nothing is certain as to when this change could happen for Florida State, but thanks to this tweet from Jac Coyne of US Lacrosse, we have high hopes it will be soon.
Florida State Lax


Florida State wouldn’t be the first Florida school to add a D1 Mens Lacrosse team, but the pressure is on. The Jacksonville Dolphins added a team in 2010 and they have been very successful. Florida State isn’t the only school to watch for. The Florida Gators could go D1 soon after seeing the success their girls team has had.


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