Is Florida Really the Sunshine State?

1 - Published June 10, 2013 by in High School

Summer always seems to be dominated by one thing, lacrosse tournaments, and over the weekend I was in a tournament with over 70 teams, but the tournament was overshadowed by the rain. Saturday started out as a great day to play lacrosse until the lightning alarm went off around 10 am. It didn’t stop raining until early next morning and needless to say, the fields were destroyed.

Its pretty surprising that something like this could actually happen in Florida. After all its known for the sunshine. The rain creates problems for everyone and simply ruins the tournament. If you were in charge of a tournament and this happened what would you do?

All of this happened in three hours

All of this happened in three hours

Because of the rain games from 11 am- 7 pm were all canceled. The tournament staff had to make up these game and did the best they could. Some teams had games at 7 am on Sunday morning, but then because it rained over night the games got pushed back two more hours. After all of the rain the games ended up only being 30 minutes long.

The fields were ultimately destroyed.

The fields were ruined.

Overall the tournament staff did the best they could to keep everything going. While some people complained that the tournament was awful there was nothing anyone could do. The rain continued on Sunday delaying games even farther and some championship games weren’t played until 6 pm when they were scheduled for 3:30 pm. After all of the rain the real question is “Is Florida Really the Sunshine State?”

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