Casey Powell to North Broward Prep

0 - Published August 21, 2013 by in High School

When Casey Powell took over at St. Andrews in South Florida he was in charge of an established program. He took over a school that has the most state championships in Florida. He has a new battle on his hands by taking over North Broward Prep. Last year NBP went 3-9 and barely managed to win those games. They beat those three teams by a combined four points.  One thing working for him is a very strong staff. Kirk Ventiquattro, Mario Ventiquatto, and Dave Cottle will be joining him at North Broward Prep. All three have established themselves in the lacrosse community.

His biggest challenge will be getting good players at NBP. It has never been a lacrosse powerhouse in South Florida. There is no doubt Casey Powell will bring attention to NBP, but there’s no guarantee the talent will come. Students can come from around the country since it is a boarding school, but the majority of North Broward Prep’s students live in the area.  If the talent comes to the school NBP has the ability to dominate the South Florida lacrosse scene, however there is no guarantee and there is a lot of work to be done.

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